Use a Scale or Diet Fails


Every Sunday morning my newsletter goes out to people interested in weight loss, healthy eating, and great food in general. But for my patients it is their weekly reminder to weigh themselves, see if they lost a pound, gained a pound, stayed the same– and if they are unhappy then to look back at their food logs and see what led to the lack of progress.

Throughout the years we have called this several names: our first was “if you can measure it you can manage it.” Later we called it “if you plan for your meals you plan for success, and if you don’t plan for success you are planning for failure.” Now we call it “scale or fail.”
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5 Reasons to Toss out Thanksgiving Leftovers

Remember the care with which you handled the turkey? Worried about salmonella, campylobacter, and many other bugs. Well, while your spread was sitting out for two hours your turkey, potatoes, stuffing now have more bacteria per gram than the raw turkey did.

You cannot smell or taste the difference, but in four days you will note the stomach ache, diarrhea, and nausea. It takes a few days- by then you will not think it was left-overs but assume it was the take-out place you went to because you were so tired of turkey.

Loaded with calories
Not the turkey- its a lean meat but the potatoes, stuffing, and other items are loaded with calories you don’t need or don’t want. Yes, nothing like a layer of turkey on a roll slathered with dressing, cranberry sauce, gravy, and stuffing – but that little sandwich has more calories than the average Big Mac.
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Beer Diet: What We Learned

The “Beer Diet” – I’m the doctor that supervised Evo Terra as he spent every October for the last three years drinking beer and eating sausages – and while doing this lost weight, lowered his cholesterol, lowered his body fat, and lowered his C-reactive protein and blood homocysteine levels (measures of the body’s inflammatory response).

Here are the Five big lessons we have learned from this experiment:
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Man Loses Weight Eating Sausage and Beer

Yes, it’s true. Evo Terra of Phoenix, Arizona eats sausage and beer, and he loses weight. This controversial diet has been supervised by Dr. Terry Simpson for the past couple of years during the month of October (think Octoberfest). While logically, one might think Mr. Terra would gain weight, he’s consistently lost weight each year, and his health is doing just fine.
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Outrages of the Week in Food and Medicine

Ok, someone explain the logic behind this to me. ┬áThe egg isn’t in a cage, so it is allowed to be free- to roam around and enjoy the fresh air? And for this, we pay more because the egg, which is about to be scrambled, lived a beautiful egg free existence.
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The Science of Brining: Turkey and Fried Chicken

To brine or not to brine – that is the question.

First – what is brining?
Brining is the process where you place some food in a hypertonic saline solution (salty water) sometimes with sugar and occasional herbs and spices.

What is it suppose to do?
It is suppose to increase fluid so that the food is moist when you cook it.

How does it do that?
Here is an answer by Harold McGee
“Lots of cooks swear by brining because it does give you moister, more tender meat. Salt gets absorbed by the muscle tissue, loosens up the fiber proteins, and helps them retain water as they coagulate during the cooking.
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