LAP-BAND: Not Just for Women

Lap-band surgery is not just for women. Lap-band surgery is also successful with men. Obesity is at an all time high in our country.  While women and men both struggle with their weight, men generally have different reasons for wanting to lose weight than women.  For men, weight loss is not usually about trying to look like one of Hollywood’s elite, it is about maintaining vitality. They want to have energy to play with the kids, compete for a better job, to be able to exert themselves physically without feeling run down or being out of breathe.

The cycle of losing weight, gaining it back, losing it again, is not only frustrating, it also adds stress to the heart and other major organs.  Carrying extra weight puts additional strain on joints, and makes it difficult to active, because you tire much quicker than when you are at a normal body weight.

Most weight loss programs target their advertising towards women.  But women aren’t the only ones who need help maintaining a healthy weight.  While women may seem to be more vocal about their struggles with weight loss, men are just as challenged as women when it comes to finding long term solutions for losing weight.

Metabolisms Slow Down When We Age

When we’re younger, it’s easier to keep extra pounds at bay.  This is because when we’re younger, our metabolisms are much more active.  Unfortunately, as we get older, our metabolisms slow down while the quantity of food we eat remains the same.  Quite simply, your normal diet will cause you to gain weight as you get older.

It’s easy to understand that one’s ability to be a top performing athlete is based on being in good shape. It also depends on having the right equipment. If you’re about to hit the links, you wouldn’t go without your clubs.  One of the tools we use to help patients drop 50 pounds or more is of course the Lap-Band.  When you have the right tools, you can get the job done.  If you’re ready to learn more, consider attending one of our Lap-Band seminars.

Dr Terry SimpsonDr Terry Simpson – has written 50 posts on this site.
Dr Terry Simpson is a weight loss surgeon, author, & speaker, performing weight loss surgery in Arizona bariatric centers located in Phoenix. Dr Simpson performs lapband (gastric band) surgery, and works with weight loss surgery patients to adopt healthier lifestyles. He offers online courses on "Mastering the Lapband" and "Caring for Your Gastric Sleeve."