It Doesn’t Work if You Stay the Same

Funny thing about lapband weight loss- there is a word in there that people sometimes don’t like, “loss.”  Weight loss means that you will have to change things, that what is familiar and comfortable may be killing you.

Are you willing to change what you eat? Are you willing to measure your food, and not rely on your eyes? Are you willing to try new recipes, new restaurants, new ways to cook? Are you willing to slow down when you eat? Are you willing to plan your menus and not live by the minute? Are you willing to give up being a “victim” and instead of blaming weight on things that are not in your control to take control of the one thing you have- what you eat?

What do you lose when you undergo a LAP-BAND and have weight loss? You have to buy some new clothes – and people might pay more attention to you – so you lose some old clothes that never looked good, and cost more than they should. It means you lose the taste for food that had too much grease, too much artificial sweeteners in it, and too many calories- and you learn to eat some great food that will be used for fuel and not for fat.

It means you lose the disrespect that goes with having the extra weight- and gaining the respect of peers who will notice you have taken initiative to lose weight and take care of yourself.

It means your eggs will have the consistency of custard, not rubber

It means you lose the excuse to eat – because you like reacting to stress head on- instead of eating that solves no issues, and brings more self-loathing.

It means when you go on vacation you won’t have it centered around “where and when do we eat,” and more around seeing new things, new adventures, and having the energy to do it all. It means you can keep up with your kids, or with your grandkids.

Weight loss means “loss.” It means you have to eat differently, you have to eat better, you will eat better food, you will taste better food – and food that will be used as fuel, not stored as fat.

That is what weight “loss” means- and sometimes you just have to remind yourself, that in order to change, it means you have to give up something – of course what you get in return seems well worth it– at least to me.

It is always sad to me when people get the LAP-BAND, but don’t want to change what they eat, or how they eat, or how much they eat. It’s loss – but to gain, you have to lose.

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It means you get to spend quality time with your kids, or grandkids

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