Master Your LapBand

The Lapband is a wonderful tool – and a lousy master. You do not want the lap band in charge of your eating. You do not want to lapband to tell you how much to eat. You do not want the lapband to tell you when to stop eating. You do not want the lapband to tell you that you ate too fast.

People who master their lapband, and use it as a tool, do the best with weight loss. They are never hungry, they are never full. They measure a portion – and stick to it. That is a simple recipe for success.

People who want the lapband to stop them from themselves never lose the weight that they should.

The lapband is just a tool – like a race car is a tool. A race car driver is in control of the race car- and they do well—whenever the race car takes control – well, bad things happen. The same with the lapband – at the very best, you won’t lose the weight you want to – and at the worst, we might need to re-operate on you to reposition, replace, or remove the band. Re-operations are not fun, and they can be avoided.

Be the adult in the relationship with your lapband. Don’t expect or try to make it tell you what to do and when. You stay in control of your lapband, and you will do just fine.

Dr Terry SimpsonDr Terry Simpson – has written 50 posts on this site.
Dr Terry Simpson is a weight loss surgeon, author, & speaker, performing weight loss surgery in Arizona bariatric centers located in Phoenix. Dr Simpson performs lapband (gastric band) surgery, and works with weight loss surgery patients to adopt healthier lifestyles. He offers online courses on "Mastering the Lapband" and "Caring for Your Gastric Sleeve."