Calorie Myths

Should We Replace the Calorie System for Weight Loss? Calories may not be an adequate way to represent the energy we need or would store. We all know people who eat little but stay heavy, and those who eat loads of junk food but are as skinny as a … [Continue reading]

Obesity and Patients

Obesity and Patients This is probably one of the best videos that I have seen recently about the causes of obesity and how we treat our patients. It is something that we physicians must remind ourselves of constantly: to treat patients with … [Continue reading]

Identifying Yourself with Your Diet

Raw Food, Vegans, Paleo, and Your Identity Did you ever meet a vegan who, in the first 20 minutes of conversation, doesn't let you know they are a vegan?  How about someone who only eats raw food? Or someone who eats “paleo?” People self-identify … [Continue reading]

Stop Protesting and Start Cooking

Yes- someone is protesting Kraft because they use "artificial" colors in their Mac and Cheese. They then made up an entire post about how Kraft uses genetically modified wheat in their product.  While they generated a lot of buzz for this lets start … [Continue reading]

Don’t Overcook : Healthy Cooking

Kitchen Safety and Avoiding Food Poisoning Myth: You want to kill all those bugs! Reality: No, let’s not. First, it is probably impossible to do that. Second, the longer you cook something or the higher temperature you cook it, the more the heat … [Continue reading]

Pigs and GMO

Pigs and GMO So you read the headlines, or the news article and you see that pigs fed GMO had more stomach problems than pigs that were not fed GMO. Except that isn’t really what the article results show. The results show that pigs have a lot of … [Continue reading]