5 Myths about GMO & What You Need to Worry About: GMO Part 4

MYTH 1: GMO seeds mean you will have more pesticides and herbicides used in the environment. Reality: Just the opposite is true. GMO plants have saved farmers in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Iowa billions of dollars the last two decades in those toxic … [Continue reading]

What is Really in Juice Concentrate

When you buy juice and it says it contains orange juice, or any other juice in it- you probably think of it this way: But if you thought more about it you would realize that to make juice you really don't want the peel of the orange- or the peel … [Continue reading]

GMO: Part 2 – The Promise, the Fear, Labeling, Frankenfoods

The Fear and Wonder of a Chimera In ancient times people were told about hybrid animals: the horse that was half human- the torso and head of a man with the body of a horse, the man that had the head of a dog, the horse that had wings. Some have … [Continue reading]

Governor Christie Gets the Lap-Band

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie gets a LapBand The governor of New Jersey had a Lap-Band installed in February and has already lost 40 pounds- which is a little over 10 pounds a month. He had the band installed by a great surgeon, Dr. George … [Continue reading]

GMO : They’re Not What You’ve Been Told

GMO - Part 1 This is a series about genetically modified organisms. We anticipate there will be three parts. It will be comprehensive, but if you are truly interested in this field, we hope you enjoy this. Genetically Modified Organisms are bad. … [Continue reading]

Bacteria, Heart Disease, and Red Meat and eggs?????

Bad News for Red Meat: Well, read the fine print There are more bacteria in your colon than people on planet earth. Without bacteria people couldn't survive or thrive. Bacteria are responsible for us being able to get vitamins, they break down fiber … [Continue reading]