Listen to Dr. Terry Simpson on Be Fit & Live
drterrysimpson2013awardIn this podcast, Dr. Terry Simpson discusses his own struggles with weight and health. He shares the patterns he implemented to start on the road to health and wellness.



Learning to Eat With the Lapband
lap-band_1Dr. Terry Simpson explains the foods you can comfortably eat with the Lap-band, and what types of foods to avoid. It’s a new way of eating, after weight loss surgery.



Portion Size & Calorie Intake
portionsizeAfter weight loss surgery, you cannot consume the same amount of food, there’s less room for it. You have to embrace new habits and use portion control, while counting your calories, in order to attain your goals.



What About Weight Loss Plateaus?
weight-loss-plateauEven the most successful weight loss program participants will be faced with weight loss plateaus, and they can feel like roadblocks.



Emotional Eating
emotionaleatingEmotional eating may be the number one sabotage tactic to losing weight. This podcast is in two parts.



Emotional Eating Part 2  


healthysnacksWe know that vegetables and fruits are better for us than chocolate and sugary based foods. So why do we struggle when it comes to snacking?



The Risks of Lap-Band Surgery
smallsurgerydrsimpsonAs with any surgical procedure, there are risks associated with Lap-Band surgery. You can be assured that Dr. Terry Simpson is the most experienced lap-band surgeon in Arizona, however you may wish to familiarize yourself with some of the risks that can be attributed to this particular surgery.