Beer Diet: What We Learned

The “Beer Diet” – I’m the doctor that supervised Evo Terra as he spent every October for the last three years drinking beer and eating sausages – and while doing this lost weight, lowered his cholesterol, lowered his body fat, and lowered his C-reactive protein and blood homocysteine levels (measures of the body’s inflammatory response).

Here are the Five big lessons we have learned from this experiment:
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Man Loses Weight Eating Sausage and Beer

Yes, it’s true. Evo Terra of Phoenix, Arizona eats sausage and beer, and he loses weight. This controversial diet has been supervised by Dr. Terry Simpson for the past couple of years during the month of October (think Octoberfest). While logically, one might think Mr. Terra would gain weight, he’s consistently lost weight each year, and his health is doing just fine.
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