Outrages of the Week in Food and Medicine

Ok, someone explain the logic behind this to me.  The egg isn’t in a cage, so it is allowed to be free- to roam around and enjoy the fresh air? And for this, we pay more because the egg, which is about to be scrambled, lived a beautiful egg free existence.
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Weight Loss Surgery: Success Depends on Follow Up

Nearly half of the people who participate in weight loss programs drop-out before completion, according to a new study published in the Canadian Journal of Surgery. In one particular weight-loss program, 43 percent of the participants dropped out, some of which were weight loss surgery patients. For the study, researchers assessed 1,205 participants in the program, 318 of whom had received bariatric surgery. The program lasted one year, and was extended to two years for surgery patients. The drop-out rate among non-surgery participants was 56 percent, while only 12 percent of surgery patients dropped out before shedding the desired amount of weight. The results are similar to those found in other weight-loss programs.
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Explaining the LapBand on ABC15

Last week I visited ABC 15 with Lapband patient and local celebrity, Jineane Ford. We discussed the Lapband and how it works. After more than 5 years, Jineane has successfully kept her weight off, and improved her overall health.

Video courtesy ABC 15: Sonoran Living.

What It Takes to Lose: 5 Years After Weight Loss Surgery

Wanting to lose weight is not the same thing as being willing to do what it takes. Lap-Band surgery is a tool, it is not the brain – it is just a weight loss tool.  No matter which tool for weight loss surgery you use, if you expect that the operation will do the work for you, then you will not be successful. This is especially true for Lapband patients.

No weight loss surgery will tell you what to eat, how much to eat, and how to eat. Sometimes the surgery will stop you, make you feel uncomfortable, but in the long-run these are your decisions.  People who want the operation to do the work for them will fail.
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